Currently, we are going through some large change within our company. As you may know, this site hasn't been kept up to date for a while now and that's one of the reasons for it.

Here are a few changes that are going to take place:

- We will not continue to sell any seeds or plants regularly. However, if you are looking for anything specific. We are always willing to help through our suppliers all over the world.

- Although we might continue to sell invertebrate livestock, it will be a lot less than before. Same goes for invertebrates: although we don't have them in stock, we might be able to help you find what you're looking for.

- Occasionally, we might be offering some dried specimens, either papered or prepared. This is one of the things we are working on to add to our website.

- Lastly, the thing we're most excited about is our DNA lab! We will be offering DNA sequencing of your own specimens on our website. We will be offering the sequencing of specific genes, like the mitochondrial CO1 gene, which can be used to identify invertebrates to a species level. With it, we can, for example, offer the building of a phylogenetic tree around your sample.

Moreover, we will most likely be selling equipment related to the DNA lab.

I hope you're all just as excited as we are!! We will inform you when the website is ready through our social media.



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