Customer Care

We want our customers to have a good shopping experience with us. Although we cannot accept returns and give live arrival guarantee, we try to give any other help we can considering questions and complaints. Do not hesitate to contact us when a problem has occured or when you're not happy with one of our services! We will try to solve the problem together. 

We are also happy to receive any questions you might have! Please contact us using the contact form, or one of the other options stated below.

Privacy & Safety

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Wholesale Inquiries

For most items, we can give wholesale discount to other companies. If you're interested in this, please contact us and add your company details. The amount of discount depends on the item, so please let us know which items you're interested in as well.

We could give discount on most supplies/breeding materials and invertebrates, but for the plants we sell, we cannot give discount, because we usually only have a small number in stock. For seeds, however, we do have wholesale discount. 

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards
- PAYPAL (we charge +5% paypal fee)


- SOFORT banking

- if you cannot make use of the payment methods stated above, please contact us. We would also accept bank transfers.



edible plants

trees & shrubs


butterfly host plants




other inverts