All my live I've been fascinated by nature. Especially insect I find highly interesting. A long time ago, I started breeding butterflies, native species at first, but exotic species quite soon after. After some years of intensively breeding butterflies, one soon finds out that most tropical butterflies have host plants that do not grow nearby. That was the point where I started growing all kinds of exotic plants as well. I found out that growing plants was just as fun as breeding butterflies, so I started to not only grow plants for butterflies, but also plants that had interesting features, which ranges from edible fruits to giant seeds, or sometimes even just because they were rare species. Meanwhile, I had been growing all sorts of other invertebrates as well, such as beetles and millipedes.

My hobby grew from a few native butterflies to a range of invertebrates and rare plants. Now my collection is growing larger and larger, I want to share it with others through this hobby shop. I hope to show this wonderful world to you through the eyes of a passionate hobbiest and make you just as enthousiastic about it as I am.

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